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FT Dental Associate Leading to Partner/Owner
Job ID: 34247
Location: New York
Position: FT Dental Associate Leading to Partner/Owner
Company: B. Aaronson, DDS & A. Thompson, DMD, PC
Description: We own a stand-alone building that houses 10 ops currently being utilized by myself and my associate and the hygiene department.  Another level contains the private offices of an oral surgeon and a periodontist.  We are a fully equipped and up to date practice with a superb support staff.  In fact, over half our staff has been with us over 10 years because they want to be.  We are a great place to work.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, but everyone works a 4 day week with no evenings or weekends. 
We're located in Oneonta, New York, nestled between the Catskill and Adirondack mountains.  Oneonta is a trendy, hip city where two colleges also call home.  There are lots of festivals, art galleries, music venues, and restaurants.  We have a top rated hospital, great public and private schools, and many houses of worship.  And if you are a baseball fan, the Hall of Fame is only 20 minutes up the road.  (think Jeter).  While Oneonta is a city, the faces are all familiar and the quality of life is second to none.  The cost of living is low, making a buy-in manageable. 

I could go on and on like every other job posting telling you how great our office is and how we have digital x-rays, etc., but I think it's also important to tell you what we are not...We are not a big box corporate dental office.  You are in control of your treatment plan.  No one stands behind you and dictates what you will or will not do.  Your comfort level is your own.  The doctors customarily work 4 days a week with the same dental assistant each day.  You would work 2 chairs, in two rooms, with two dental assistants.  You would only see one patient at a time, but when you're finishing the current one, your next patient is already being seated for you in the room next door making the transition seamless.

We are a very easy-going group without all the pressure.  You can work as independently or with the other doctors as you feel comfortable.  If there are challenging cases, we are here to mentor.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, as Dr. Aaronson would like to sell, you become a partner with all the benefits immediately.  You have a greater income as a partner making buying in  (and paying off and school loans) feasible.

We are seeking a motivated, eager dentist, new grads and young dentists welcome, to be an associate leading to partner/ownership.  It would be a good relationship for the both of us.

So let you dream become a reality.  I graduated from Tufts Dental School 25 years ago and started in this practice as an associate and later a partner and I'm now looking for an associate to do the same.  Why not you???  The patients are here waiting for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Amy Thompson, DMD
Contact: Amy J Thompson, DMD

Email: amythompson@oneontadental.com
Website: oneontadental.com
Phone: 607-435-1398
Posting Date Mar 15th, 2021
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