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Full-time Associate / Illinois
Job ID: 34367
Location: Illinois
Position: Full-time Associate / Illinois
Company: DDSmatch
Description: Full time associate position in Southern Illinois. This is a multi doctor practice with great mentors to help you advance your clinical career. The compensation package is second to none; earn like an owner without the hassles of ownership. 

8 operatories
Fee for service practice, no PPO's
4 or 5 days/week, there is enough dentistry to support 5 days if you're willing
Great opportunity to be highly compensated right out of dental school
Contact: Mike Rogers
Email: mrogers@DDSmatch.com
Website: www.DDSmatch.com
Phone: 855-546-0044
Posting Date Apr 16th, 2021
Upcoming Events
05/19/21 (PM) Existing Restorations: Replace, Repair or Refurbish?
05/20-05/21/21 Stress Free Endo Workshop
05/20/21 (ACDE) Cannabis and Oral Health
ADAPT Online DA Program 2021
06/04/2021 Cunat (Ortho) Event: Lets Go Digital!
06/08/21 (ACDE) Incorporating Silver Diamine Fluoride
06/16/21 (ACDE) Managing Medical Emergencies
06/24/21 (ACDE) Differential Diagnosis of Oral Disorders
06/30-07/02/21 Chautauqua Dental Congress
07/06-07/10/21 Bench Test Prep
09/23-24/21 Ciancio Symposium
BNDM 2021 Exhibitors
2022 Baltics and CDE Trip

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