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Practice for Sale - Ponchatoula
Job ID: 34391
Location: Louisiana
Position: Practice for Sale - Ponchatoula
Company: PARAGON Dental Practice Transitions

If you are looking for a solid practice opportunity in the Ponchatoula/Hammond area this is it. Over 3300 patients treated in the past 24 months. Tons and tons of growth is available at your finger tips. Located in a high traffic area, this stand alone practice has 5 treatment rooms (3 doctor, 2 hygiene) and has collections of over $750,000. Digital, Panorex and Laser. Fully staffed. Constant flow of new patients every month. Extremely high earnings rate (55%) and huge return on investment (52%) the very first year! All of this on 3.5 days a week. Seller owns the real estate. Don't let this one get away! Call Bob Huston today, 601-946-1553 or bhuston@paragon.us.com. Or call PARAGON at 866-898-1867 for more information.

Email: info@paragon.us.com
Website: www.paragon.us.com
Phone: 866.898.1867
Posting Date Apr 29th, 2021
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