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Associate Dentist Needed / WNY
Job ID: 34393
Location: New York - Western
Position: Associate Dentist Needed / WNY
Company: Valley View Dental

Valley View Dental is a very busy multi dentist office in the Southern Tier.  It is an excellent fit for a young dentist looking to find his niche or even a dentist who would like to change his practice or life philosophy to the Southern Tier.  We have 3 full time and 1 part time dentists, along with 5 hygienists.  We are a very friendly and a very good sized office.  We have an abundance of patients due to our philosophy of treating patients right, staying on time, and offering most services in-house.  Patients and staff have responded to this "right size" office by making it the most popular office in the Olean area.


We have a state of the art, 10 operatory office that was built 9 years ago.  We have CBCT, multiple CEREC's, place implants, restore implants, do most endo in house, etc.  Each dentist is able to pursue his passion and also find a niche within our services.  We have a large clientele that is growing every day, which has the need for another dentist, we don't like it for ourselves or our patients when the next opening for a Dr. is 4-6 weeks out.

Yearly compensation for a qualified dentist is well into the 200Ks, while working in a relaxed atmosphere and not being pushed to deliver services based on a quota, but on what our patient's needs are.  We are looking for the right fit in a dentist that would like to do exceptionally well financially while delivering personalized care.  We are not interested in someone trying to treatment plan large cases and profit from those.  We are looking for someone trying to treatment plan the right cases and they will profit from them because they are doing the right thing for the patient.

Contact: Nick Porcello
Email: jnporcello@gmail.com
Website: vv-dental.com
Phone: 716-372-8400
Posting Date Apr 29th, 2021
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