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Experience Dentist San Antonio, TX
Job ID: 34467
Location: Texas
Position: Experience Dentist San Antonio, TX
Company: Patterson Connect

San Antonio, TX (Leon Springs Suburb):  Seeking a Full Time Long Term Associate. Buy in potential for the right candidate is an option in the future. We are a non-DSO, privately owned multi-doc practice. Normally running 3 docs and 3-4 hyg at any one time. We have a large patient base with great new patient flow/demand. Voted best choice in our dental saturated community for 2020. Patients are above average well-educated oral health aware individuals. We are about 60/40 in our FFS/Insurance based patient load.  We ideally seek someone who is well-versed in IV Sedation and advanced oral surgery experience, as we have become completely equipped for and have had associates over the past 6 years who have provided these services in-house for our patients. However, a very confident and talented restorative dentist is still considered a strong candidate in this position as we have other avenues to provide the sedation and surgical procedures (mainly 3rd molars) that our doctors have traditionally had to refer out. Associate must be able to provide all aspects of General Dentistry and be a licensed DDS or DMD. To view this practice in more detail and begin messaging with the practice owner directly please visit www.pattersonconnect.com or email resume to  Shayne.derby@pattersondental.com

Contact: Shayne Derby
Email: shayne.derby@pattersondental.com
Website: http://www.pattersonconnect.com
Phone: 800-588-0098
Posting Date May 18th, 2021
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