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Associate Dentist NY 1949A
Job ID: 34846
Location: New York
Position: Associate Dentist NY 1949A
Company: Jim Kasper Associates

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Associate Position Available

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NY 1949A- Lake Champlain/Adirondacks
Associateship leading to Partnership.
If the vision of your private practice includes:
-Practicing in a state-of-the art facility.
-Being on the leading edge of technology.
-Working with supportive partners and a team that embraces change and new ideas.
-Having a constant vision for growth and development and, the ability to deliver it.
If the vision of your lifestyle includes:
-Residing on a lakefront with mountain views.
-Having an abundance of world class, winter and summer outdoor recreation less than 1 hour away.
-Living within one hour of Montreal, one of the most vibrant and culturally appeal

Interested buyers are encouraged to contact us:

Phone: 603-355-2260

Email: Info@jimkasper.com

All inquiries are confidential

Contact: Dave Kasper
Email: karen@jimkasper.com
Website: www.jimkasper.com
Phone: 6033552260
Posting Date Aug 16th, 2021
Upcoming Events
12/01/2021 (ACDE) Partial Root Extraction Therapy (PET)
12/03/2021 Digital Imaging, Design and Manufacturing Technologies
12/09/2021 (ACDE) Treating Anterior Discolorations
12/14/2021 (ACDE) Oral Cancer and Premalignancy
12/15/2021 (PM) Internal Anatomy of Teeth
12/16/21 Implant Study Club 21-22
03/21-03/25/2022 Bench Test Prep
2022/06/03/2022 Cunat (Ortho) Event

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