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General Dentist
Job ID: 35227
Location: Pennsylvania
Position: General Dentist
Company: Bradford County Dental Inc.

Bradford County Dental Inc.       Towanda, PA.

We are currently looking for a full-time dentist to work for us, starting the summer of 2022.

Our office is unique in which it offers many benefits and allows you to hone in on your dental skills without being on production.

Our benefit package includes;

SALARY- $135,000 A YEAR  (negotiable) Loan repayment opportunity is an additional $50,000 a year.

Health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield 

7 paid holidays a year

Malpractice insurance paid 

3 weeks paid vacation a year

CEU allotment

We also participate with the PA LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM. Qualified candidates can receive an additional $100,000 for a 2-year commitment. Tax free money for your student loans. Additional questions about this can be discussed with you.

Our office is located 3 ½ hours northwest of Philadelphia ,from Buffalo it is 3 hours southeast, in Towanda PA. Areas of interest nearby are Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen, Corning Glass, Ithaca NY and Williamsport Pa.

We welcome you to speak with our current dentist, who is  a Temple graduate. His name is Dr. Mark Mast and he can give you insight on our office and the area. Please feel free to contact him via email to  mark.mast1992@gmail.com

Any questions concerning your interest in our office should be directed to either;

Dr David Redding at 570-888-1834

Robin Coyle at rcoyle713@gmail.com  or 570-240-5560.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you.

Dr. Mast who is our full-time dentist now and he will be relocating in the summer of 2022. Have a great day.

Contact: Robin Coyle manager 570-240-5560 Dr. David Redding 570-888-1834
Email: rcoyle713@gmail.com
Phone: 570-265-2069
Posting Date Nov 11th, 2021
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