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Listing #2019 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Job ID: 35305
Location: Pennsylvania
Position: Listing #2019 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Company: Hudson Transition Partners

Listing #2019 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – FFS Periodontal practice. Collects $1M (+/-) Nets $370K (+/-). Highly unique Perio practice with 70% (+/-) of patient base driven by Internet/Web search. Innovative practice in technology and procedures. Paperless, Digital, Carestream 9300 3D Pan, 4 operatories with room to expand. Dentist offering to stay on for a transitional period. Real Estate is Lease only. For more information, please call Deanna Eiss at 610-312-7120 or email at deanna@hudsontransitions.com

Email: deanna@hudsontransitions.com
Website: hudsontransitions.com
Phone: (610) 312-7120
Posting Date Nov 11th, 2021
Upcoming Events
12/09/2021 (ACDE) Treating Anterior Discolorations
12/13-14/2021 MiPACS Radiology Upgrade Training
12/14/2021 (ACDE) Oral Cancer and Premalignancy
12/15/2021 (PM) Internal Anatomy of Teeth
12/16/21 Implant Study Club 21-22
2022/03/21-03/25 Bench Test Prep
2022/06/03/2022 Cunat (Ortho) Event

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