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Listing #6840 - Amherst, New York
Job ID: 35324
Location: New York - Western
Position: Listing #6840 - Amherst, New York
Company: Hudson Transition Partners

Listing #6840 - Amherst, New York - General dental practice collecting over $600,000 located in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY close to schools and parks. Primarily fee for service this practice only participates with one insurance plan.  The office has plenty of room with six treatment rooms and is available for rent.  Please contact Brian Hudson at (716) 908-3143 or brian@hudsontransitions.com for more information.

Email: brian@hudsontransitions.com
Website: hudsontransitions.com
Phone: (716) 908-3143
Posting Date Nov 10th, 2021
Upcoming Events
12/09/2021 (ACDE) Treating Anterior Discolorations
12/13-14/2021 MiPACS Radiology Upgrade Training
12/14/2021 (ACDE) Oral Cancer and Premalignancy
12/15/2021 (PM) Internal Anatomy of Teeth
12/16/21 Implant Study Club 21-22
2022/03/21-03/25 Bench Test Prep
2022/06/03/2022 Cunat (Ortho) Event

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