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Part Time Dentist
Job ID: 35352
Location: New York - Western
Position: Part Time Dentist
Company: Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group
Description: Part time dentist - approx 1.5 days a week, flexible - to see general dental patients in specialty office.  High end, fee for service boutique practice, outstanding patients, incredible staff, great location.  Current associate leaving to pursue other opportunities, leaves behind healthy workload and opportunity to grow (if desired). Great opportunity for young dentist looking for launch pad, retiring dentist looking to stay active, working parent, associate or academic looking to round out the week, etc.  Patient base includes remains of small general practice prior to specializing, building employees (medical professionals), and no-fault, workers comp cases managed in conjunction with orofacial pain specialty (a lucrative niche in dentistry).  Open to consideration of all arrangements - associate, independent contractor, merger, etc.  
Contact: Jeffrey Goldberg
Email: goldbergddspllc@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 903-6881
Posting Date Nov 15th, 2021
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