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General Dentist - Full Time
Job ID: 35938
Location: New York
Position: General Dentist - Full Time
Company: DentServ

DentServ has been providing high quality dental care to residents in healthcare settings such as nursing home/rehab facilities for over 40 years. We are currently searching for talented General Dentists to join our practice! 

Hours: Mon-Friday 8a-4p, Immediate Hire

Location: Ogdensburg, NY

GENERAL DENTIST: As a general dental practitioner, incumbents perform the full range of professional dental tasks in connection with the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, injuries and malfunctions of teeth and gums as prescribed by agency policy and procedures.

ILLUSTRATIVE DUTIES: Professional dental work includes such activities and tasks as:

  • Makes examinations of patients teeth and surrounding oral structures utilizing x-rays, mouth mirrors and other diagnostic procedures and instruments to determine pathological or irregular conditions.
  • Treats dental diseases, injuries and malfunctions of teeth and gums.
  • Performs restoration of simple and compound cavities with such materials as composite and amalgam.
  • Administers local anesthetics via hypodermic syringes.
  • Performs oral surgery commensurate with professional qualifications
  • Performs single and multiple extractions of teeth.
  • Performs root therapy commensurate with professional qualifications
  • Cleans teeth by scaling calculus.
  • Treats teeth, mouth and gum infections with appropriate drugs or by surgery.
  • Maintains written records of patients’ dental treatments.
  • Determines need for dental and prosthetic appliances by studying patients mouth to determine the type of restoration required; takes mouth impressions and bite registrations for crowns, jackets, dentures and bridges; tries temporary setups in patients’ mouth and fits and inserts the finished appliances.
  • Advises patients about dental health practices.
  • Instructs and directs paraprofessional staff in the performance of auxiliary duties. May arrange for in-service training for the dental staff.
  • Perform routine infection control processes as necessary and/or prescribed by facility policy.
  • Prescribes medication for dental conditions as appropriate
  • Consults with in-house medical and psychiatric specialists and refers to outside specialists when appropriate.



  • Developing and maintaining the Dental Department Manual, including establishing policies and procedures regarding the delivery of dental services.
  • Developing and maintaining a Department specific Infection Prevention Program.
  • Developing and maintaining a Department Safety Program.
  • Developing and maintaining a Department Quality Improvement Program.
  • Developing and maintaining a staff and patient Education Program.
  • Supervising all Dental Department staff, holding staff meetings on a regular basis.
  • Coordinating the delivery of dental services with other facility services.
  • Meeting with clinical supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring that the Dental Department follows all applicable regulatory agencies.
  • Performing a full range of professional dental tasks to diagnose and treat dental diseases and injuries.
  • Ordering and maintaining dental equipment and supplies.
  • Ensuring that all patient records are contained in the Open Dental electronic record; and
  • Attending the Dental Services Advisory Council Meetings



  • Dentists have close personal contact with the patients under their care receiving professional dental services.  As necessary, incumbents meet and consult with other dentists as well as specialists in other disciplines in planning, coordinating, performing and evaluating the patients’ dental treatments.  Dentists provide instruction to and direct the activities of such paraprofessional positions as Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist who assist incumbents in performing dental treatment procedures.
  • Dentists direct the activities and provide instruction to paraprofessional support staff in the examination and treatment of patients.


  • Good knowledge of the modern methods and principles of general dentistry and dental surgery.
  • Good knowledge of oral hygiene and of the prevention and treatment of diseases of the mouth.
  • Working knowledge of the facility’s routines, procedures and policies as they relate to the dental program.
  • Ability to diagnose dental problems and take effective action.
  • Ability to prepare accurate and timely written records and reports.



  • A license with current registration to practice dentistry in New York State and one year of professional dentistry experience.
Contact: Amanda Figueroa
Email: afigueroa@dentserv.com
Website: http://www.dentserv.com/
Phone: 646-512-8704 EXT-111
Posting Date Mar 29th, 2022
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