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Listing #8119 – Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
Job ID: 36172
Location: Pennsylvania
Position: Listing #8119 – Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
Company: Hudson Transition Partners

Listing #8119 – Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania – FFS general dental practice collecting approx. $785K with prosthodontic procedures accounting for approx. 25% of production and all endo, oral surgery, and ortho being referred out. The office has five nicely maintained operatories with digital x-ray and approx. 1,500 active patients. The real estate is available for lease only. For more information, please call Deanna Eiss at 610-312-7120 or email at deanna@hudsontransitions.com

Email: deanna@hudsontransitions.com
Website: hudsontransitions.com
Phone: (610) 312-7120
Posting Date Jun 15th, 2022
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