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Philadelphia perio practice collecting $2.3 million for sale!
Job ID: 36248
Location: Pennsylvania
Position: Philadelphia perio practice collecting $2.3 million for sale!
Company: United Dental Brokers of America
~~~ Quick Stats ~~~
• Philadelphia, PA
• Collected $2.3 million in 2021
• You could make $1,000,000 next year!
• Prime real estate
• 90% of collections are from FFS patients
• Digital x-rays and CT scanner
• Most equipment less than five years old

Are you making $1,000,000 a year? (This is after paying your practice acquisition loan!!) If not, this is the periodontal practice for you. This Philadelphia practice collected $2.3 million in 2021. It’s located in prime real estate.  90% of the collections are from fee-for-service patients. This practice has digital x-rays and a CT scanner. The majority of the equipment is less than five years old. This exceptional periodontal practice will not stay on the market for long. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity today.

Not sure about financing? We have an extensive network of banks that can offer you 100% financing and help you purchase this practice with no money down! Contact me today at 412-931-1040 or email bob@udba.biz for more details.
As always, any contact with United Dental Brokers of America will be held in the strictest confidence. 
UDBA is a Firm with a National Reach, but a Personal Touch.
Robert Septak, MBA
United Dental Brokers of America
Phone: (412) 931-1040 • email: bob@udba.biz
Contact: Bob Septak
Email: ops.ed@udba.biz
Website: www.udba.biz
Phone: 412-931-1040
Posting Date Jun 10th, 2022
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