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Job ID: 36251
Location: New York - Western
Position: Consultant/Endodontist
Company: Apex Endodontics PLLC

Our office focuses on efficiency and would like to add an additional endodontist for consultations, re-checks, recall appointments.  This endodontist would focus primarily on these type of appointments and building relationships with our referring offices.  This could be a part or full time flexible position.  

Our new 10 operatory office will be open at the end of this year - no evenings or weekends (unless for phone call coverage).  Minimal insurance participation, technology based office with strong support team and operations.  Position could be salary or % of collections determined through needs of the candidate.  

Contact: Business Manager - Danielle@apexendopllc.com or 716-465-2751
Dr. Shawn Jordan - Jordan@apexendopllc.com or 716-998-7735
Email: Danielle@apexendopllc.com
Website: www.apexendopllc.com
Phone: 716-695-3636
Posting Date Jun 13th, 2022
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