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Practice for Sale - Rogers Park/Skokie/Evanston
Job ID: 36531
Location: Illinois
Position: Practice for Sale - Rogers Park/Skokie/Evanston
Company: PARAGON Dental Practice Transitions
Description: This nice boutique practice has two ops and 800 active patients (80% FFS, 20% PPO). 2021 Income was $305k on a 4 day work week with 9 weeks vacation. Doctor takes a three day weekend and works no evenings. The practice is on track to collect $360,000 in 2022 and has a current overhead of just 51%. This doctor refers all ortho, endo and oral surgery, so it is possible to increase the practice income. Contact your local PARAGON consultant at 866 898-1867, e-mail: info@paragon.us.com or visit www.paragon.us.com to learn more about this incredible opportunity! 
Email: info@paragon.us.com
Website: www.paragon.us.com
Phone: 866.898.1867
Posting Date Aug 15th, 2022
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