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Job ID: 36634
Location: New York - Western
Position: Endodontist
Company: Apex Endodontics PLLC
Description: Our office is growing rapidly and in need of another full-time (or part-time) endodontist starting January 2023 or later.  

Apex has minimal insurance participation, low to almost no A/R, no evening/weekends, we are a technology based office with a happy/helpful support team and efficient operations.  Our new office (centrally located near the I-190) will have 10 operatories with a surgical suite, gym for team members/docs, and so many more amenities.  Our current office will close this winter and all endodontists/team members will work together in the new location. Clinically we have spared no expense with the operatories and technology that has been purchased for each room as well as the amenities for our doctors and team.  

Contact: Business Manager - Danielle@apexendopllc.com or 716-465-2751
Dr. Shawn Jordan - Jordan@apexendopllc.com or 716-998-7735
Email: danielle@apexendopllc.com
Website: www.apexendopllc.com
Phone: 716-695-3636
Posting Date Sep 27th, 2022
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