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WESTERN NY - General Practice with Real Estate
Job ID: 36727
Location: New York - Western
Position: WESTERN NY - General Practice with Real Estate
Company: DDSmatch
Description: A 22 year old, 4000sqft, General Practice with CAD/CAM, all digital, sensors, pan, nomad, scanning etc.  Dedicated staff and loyal patient base.  2 FT Hygienist.  5 ops (3 hygiene and 2 doc ops).  Most speciality referred out including implants, endo, and OMS.  Great location with limited or no competition.  70% PPO, 20% FFS, 10% or lower Medicaid.  Eaglesoft user.  8000sqft building is for sale and has several leases in operation.  Low overhead.
Contact: Justin Baumann
Email: jbaumann@ddsmatch.com
Website: https://ddsmatch.com/practices/271233/
Phone: (855) 546-0044
Posting Date Feb 20th, 2023
Upcoming Events
04/05/2023 (ACDE) Ceramic Crowns: Esthetics & Function
04/18/2023 (ACDE) Dx & Mgmt of Traumatic Injuries
04/19/2023(PM) Navigating the Mystery of EOBs
04/20/2023 Implant Study Club
04/25/2023 (ACDE) Perio Maintenance Implant Pt
04/28/2023 (ACDE) A "St. Louis-Style" Oral Path Safari
05/01/2023 (ACDE) Evolving Your Practice With Implant Dentistry
05/03/2023 (PM) Motivational Shade Taking and Whitening
05/10/2023 (PM) Tx of Implant Complications
05/12/2023 Hygiene Symposium
05/13/2023 (ACDE) Orthodontics and the Family Practice Dentist
05/18-19/2023 Cadaver workshop: Implant Surgery Techniques
05/18/2023 (ACDE) Lasers in Dentistry
05/24/2023 (PM) Infection Control (NYS approved)

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