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General Dentist - Vernon County WI - WI106
Job ID: 36809
Location: Wisconsin
Position: General Dentist - Vernon County WI - WI106
Company: Edge Advisors
 Do you have ownership ambitions but need mentorship around what it takes to be a successful business owner?  This doctor-owned group is changing the game with their new partnership model. This group is seeking an ambitious dentist with initiative and integrity to work solo within a thriving practice that will allow for clinical growth and future partnership.  This new model yields a higher compensation for dentists that includes a bonus structure paid monthly and based upon profit of the entire office, not just hands-on doctor collections.  This allows for fewer clinical days, reducing the risk of burn out and giving a doctor the time they need to handle administrative duties within an office.  You'll have the group's full commitment to supporting your autonomy within the office and to build a practice that fits your clinical and personal goals. Job ID:  WI106
Contact: Dental Jobs
Email: DentalJobs@EdgeAdvise.com
Website: http://www.edgeadvise.com
Phone: 844-200-3343
Posting Date Dec 6th, 2022
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