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WEST CENTRAL - General Practice
Job ID: 36869
Location: New York
Position: WEST CENTRAL - General Practice
Company: DDSmatch
This location has been open since 1960.  It’s always been a well respected practice in it’s geography and known for being friendly, educational, and low pressure.  In turn, patients are friendly, patient, and loyal.  Practice is open 4 days a week with 4 ops.  Most speciality, especially complicated cases, are referred out that could total up to $2-300,000 in production.  The community is welcoming and the area has had a large amount of growth with local businesses making a comeback in a short period of time and patients are drawn from a large geography.  15 new patients monthly with no marketing.  Uses eaglesoft and accepts Delta, Excellus BC/BS or Rochester, all other is FFS.  Practice is completely digital with radiography, and pan.

Contact: Justin Baumann
Email: jbaumann@ddsmatch.com
Website: https://ddsmatch.com/practices/271534/
Phone: 8555460044
Posting Date Dec 19th, 2022
Upcoming Events
02/10/2023 (ACDE) How Not to Kill Your Patient
02/16/2023 Implant Study Club
02/17/2023 (ACDE) Intro to Forensic Odontology
02/21/2023 (ACDE) Digital Tx Options/Fully Edent Pt
02/26/2023 (ACDE) The Non-Odontogenic Toothache
03/07/2023 (ACDE) Chairside Dental Ethics
03/10/2023 (ACDE) Natural Looking Compopsite Restoration
03/20-03/24/2023 Bench Test Prep
03/22/2023 (ACDE) Controlled Substance Risk Assessment
03/25/2023 (ACDE) Skeletal Expansion w/Mini Screws
04/05/2023 (ACDE) Ceramic Crowns: Esthetics & Function
04/18/2023 (ACDE) Dx & Mgmt of Traumatic Injuries
04/19/2023(PM) Navigating the Mystery of EOBs
04/25/2023 (ACDE) Perio Maintenance Implant Pt

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