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Endodontist and/or Consulting Endodontist Part or Full time
Job ID: 37073
Location: New York
Position: Endodontist and/or Consulting Endodontist Part or Full time
Company: Apex Endodontics PLLC
Description: We are growing and have a beautiful new office to welcome 1-2 additional endodontists.  We are mostly FFS practice, newly built office with extraordinary dental support team.  The DAs are already hired and training to work with the new doctors.  Ideally we would love to add a part time endodontist and a full time endodontist.  Either position could be for consultations/recalls only (this pays at an increased % of collections) or a fully working endodontist to perform treatments/retreatments and surgeries.  

We work under one roof in a centrally located office in Tonawanda.  We would love to chat further about joining our doctor team.  

Check out our social media and our website to learn more.  You can also copy/paste this webaddress to learn more about our patient experience.  https://youtu.be/_k3Djt5Stlw
Contact: Call or text for confidential conversations:
Danielle Jordan - Business manager cell 716-465-2751
Shawn Jordan - Owner cell 716-998-7735
Email: Danielle@apexendopllc.com
Website: www.apexendopllc.com
Phone: (716) 695-3636
Posting Date Mar 14th, 2023
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04/18/2023 (ACDE) Dx & Mgmt of Traumatic Injuries
04/19/2023(PM) Navigating the Mystery of EOBs
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05/03/2023 (PM) Motivational Shade Taking and Whitening
05/10/2023 (PM) Tx of Implant Complications
05/12/2023 Hygiene Symposium
05/13/2023 (ACDE) Orthodontics and the Family Practice Dentist
05/18-19/2023 Cadaver workshop: Implant Surgery Techniques
05/18/2023 (ACDE) Lasers in Dentistry
05/24/2023 (PM) Infection Control (NYS approved)

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