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NIAGARA COUNTY - GP Perfect for First-Time Buyer
Job ID: 37411
Location: New York - Western
Position: NIAGARA COUNTY - GP Perfect for First-Time Buyer
Company: DDSmatch
Excellent opportunity to own a practice that prides itself in minimally invasive dentistry with extra care to maintain patient comfort.  Perfect for a first-time buyer in a growing and expanding community in Niagara County, NY.  Poised for growth with all specialites are referred out, including:  OS, Perio, Endo, and Ortho.  Loyal and patient-centric staff intend to stay and willing to work additional hours.  
Contact: Justin Baumann
Email: jbaumann@ddsmatch.com
Website: https://ddsmatch.com/practices/295030/
Phone: 8555460044
Posting Date Nov 13th, 2023
Upcoming Events
12/12/2023 (ACDE) Advancements in Digital Dentistry
2024/03/12 Design & Conduct of Clinical Trials
2024/03/18-03/23 Bench Test Prep
2024/04/10 (PM) Laser Veneer & Crown Removal
2024/04/17 (PM) Pediatric Oral Radiology
2024/04/26 RDH Symposium/Pharmacology
2024/05/08 (PM) Short Staffed
2024/05/10-11 Infant & Pediatric Tongue Tie
2024/06/05 (PM) Infection Control (NYS approved)
2024/06/07 Screen, Dx & Manage Sleep-disordered Breathing
2024/06/27-06/28 Chautauqua Dental Congress

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