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Job ID: 37713
Location: New York - Western
Position: Dentist
Company: Baker Victory Healthcare Center

Responsible to: Dental Director 

Job Summary:

The Baker Victory Dental Clinic provides high quality and affordable dental care to our patients.  We serve a variety of patients from the community, including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or other special needs, and ensure that they all attain the greatest levels of oral health possible.

Our employee benefits include (but not limited to): Generous Paid Time Off, Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Employee Assistant Programs, Retirement Plans, etc. 

Baker Victory Healthcare Center is an approved National Health Services Corporation site. Applicants are eligible to receive Loan Forgiveness with a commitment of 3 year employment term and must utilize the NHSC Recruitment site to be eligible for loan forgiveness on the Federal Site. Applicants must be hired to start on or before January 1st,  2024.

Essential Job Duties:
1. Provide comprehensive and periodic examinations, including digital radiographic exposure/diagnosis to patients  within the designated clinical settings
2. Diagnosis and referral of oral conditions requiring specialty evaluation
3. Treatment of oral conditions requiring restorative care, extractions, prosthetic care as determined by Delineation of Privileges and NYS Practice Act
4. Triage and treatment of emergency situations, as appropriate for the clinical setting
5. Diagnosis and referral of emergent oral conditions, beyond the scope of care at location , as appropriate
6. Completion of treatment logs, quality assurance records, and documentation of delivered services
7. Keep accurate and complete patient records
8. Work directly with all Program Staff on all aspect of operation both clinical and administrative as needed
9. Participation in all required employee training programs
10. Transportation and set up of equipment at each work site if required by program
11. Additional duties as the program designates
12. Complies with all federal and state regulations and agency policies pertaining to HIPAA, false claims, whistleblower policies and all others
13. Complete  Continuing Education as required for NYS Licensure
14. Performs all other job-related duties assigned by supervisor
• Computer skills
• Customer skills
• Analytical skills

• Communication: Oral and written
• Attention to detail: Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks
• Problem solving: Takes a systematic approach to solving problems rather than reacting to symptoms
• Decision-making ability: The aptitude to extract, interpret, integrate and manage information correctly and make timely and concise decisions for the best course of action, among multiple alternatives, to enable the decision-making process to take place on a higher level in order to achieve objectives.
• Dependability: Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations

Minimum Degree Required: Doctoral Degree in Dental Medicine
Minimum Experience Required: 1 year clinical experience
Required License/Registration/ Certification: active NYS License in Dentistry
Additional Requirements:  Must provide documentation for the following:
• MMR Record
• DEA license
• Malpractice insurance
Physical Requirements:
The overall nature of the position is sedentary requiring little physical effort with occasional light physical exertion required. There is little, if any, exposure to environmental conditions
• The constant physical demand of the position are standing, walking
• The frequent physical demands of the position are sitting, climbing, talking, hearing, repetitive motions, and eye/hand/foot coordination.
• The occasional physical demands of the position are lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, balancing, stooping, crouching, reaching, handling, grasping, and feeling

Contact: Kayla Hayes, khayes@olvhs.org
Email: khayes@olvhs.org
Website: https://us231.dayforcehcm.com/CandidatePortal/en-US/olvhs/Posting/View/1627
Posting Date Oct 27th, 2023
Upcoming Events
12/12/2023 (ACDE) Advancements in Digital Dentistry
2024/03/12 Design & Conduct of Clinical Trials
2024/03/18-03/23 Bench Test Prep
2024/04/10 (PM) Laser Veneer & Crown Removal
2024/04/17 (PM) Pediatric Oral Radiology
2024/04/26 RDH Symposium/Pharmacology
2024/05/08 (PM) Short Staffed
2024/05/10-11 Infant & Pediatric Tongue Tie
2024/06/05 (PM) Infection Control (NYS approved)
2024/06/07 Screen, Dx & Manage Sleep-disordered Breathing
2024/06/27-06/28 Chautauqua Dental Congress

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