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General Dentist - Sauk County WI - WI119
Job ID: 37998
Location: Wisconsin
Position: General Dentist - Sauk County WI - WI119
Company: Edge Advisors
 A short 35 minute drive north from the northern Madison suburbs, you'll find a thriving private practice looking for an associate-to-buyer.  Owner is eager to mentor clinically, show successor how to lead within a practice and run a successful business.  Practice committed to keeping as many procedures in-house as possible: routine operative procedures for both adults and pediatrics, fixed crown and bridge, all endodontic procedures except apicoectomies, all removable including implant supported- prostheses, restoration of all dental implants, the placement of mini dental implants, and most oral surgical procedures including impactions.   There's an opportunity to bring ortho in-house if associate is interested in that.
Technology includes: Eaglesoft record charting, Progeny digital sensors, Sirona digital pano, Medit i500 and i700 intraoral scanners, Komet electric endo system, and Cavitrons in Hygiene ops.  Chairs and units are Midmark with Bien air hand piece motors. Handpieces are Kavo and doctor ops all have Midmark overhead track lights.  Job ID:  WI119

Edge Advisors is a Wisconsin-based dental services firm that teams up with practices to help them fill their associateship and associate-to-partnership/buy-out opportunities. We confidentially work with doctors like you to find quality opportunities and negotiate competitive contracts, for free. Your search will always remain confidential and we will work hard to align opportunities based on your treatment philosophies, long-term goals and the type of practice you feel you’ll be successful within.

Contact: Dental Jobs
Email: DentalJobs@EdgeAdvise.com
Website: http://www.edgeadvise.com
Phone: 844-200-3343
Posting Date Jan 11th, 2024
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