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CENTRAL WESTCHESTER CTY, NY - General Practice for Sale
Job ID: 38092
Location: New York
Position: CENTRAL WESTCHESTER CTY, NY - General Practice for Sale
Company: DDSmatch
Description: Here is a great opportunity to own a very large (10,036 sqft), productive, and beautifully designed/equipped Multi-Specialty Practice in Central Westchester County.   Opened 2019 and has been supported by a large National DSO since 2020. This practice as 25 ops, all equipped, and has historically generated over $3MM in Revenue from 2018-2020. Office currently generates ~$2MM in revenue and includes Pedo, Perio and General Dentistry. Huge opportunity as only 2 hygienists while office used to have 5-6. 
Contact: Justin Baumann
Email: jbaumann@ddsmatch.com
Website: https://ddsmatch.com/practices/291962
Phone: 8555460044
Posting Date Feb 1st, 2024
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