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General and Specialty Associateships
Job ID: 38352
Location: Wisconsin
Position: General and Specialty Associateships
Company: Edge Advisors


We are a dental services firm headquartered in Wisconsin and we team up with private practices across the Midwest to help them fill their associateship openings. Our recruitment services are confidential and free to doctors looking for a new opportunity. Our services help with:

1.     Aligning dentists to associateships that match their goals & philosophies.

2.     Interview preparation.

3.     Transparency in the recruitment process (how many other candidates are in process with the practice, what is their timeframe on making a decision and ultimately if they choose another doctor, why they went a different direction).

4.     Contract negotiation and market understanding to ensure the dentist is getting the best offer possible.

5.     Connections to reputable dental CPAs, real estate professionals & attorneys, if a future partnership or buy-out occurs.



Contact: Dental Jobs
Email: DentalJobs@EdgeAdvise.com
Website: http://www.edgeadvise.com
Phone: 844-200-3343
Posting Date May 21st, 2024
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