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Pediatric Providers
Job ID: 38358
Location: New York - Eastern
Position: Pediatric Providers
Company: Pediatric Dental Solutions

PDS Management Services is seeking Pediatric Dentists with talent and initiative to meet the evolving oral health needs of children in the Northeast for Monday-Friday.

Associates can consistently earn up to$2000 per day based on our average daily production due to high patient demand supported through experienced assistants and hygienist. We also offer Sign-On and Referral Bonuses, and more.

- Conduct comprehensive dental examinations on pediatric patients.
- Provide dental treatments including cleanings, fluoride applications, and sealants.
- Educate patients and parents on proper oral hygiene practices.
- Perform pediatric dental procedures such as fillings and extractions.
- Maintain accurate patient records and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.
- Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure holistic patient care.

- Strong background in pediatric dentistry
- Proficiency in using EMR systems such as Dentrix
- Excellent patient assessment skills and knowledge of medical terminology
- Experience in oral surgery and working with pediatric patients
- Familiarity with HIPAA regulations and medical coding
- Ability to work with aseptic techniques and maintain accurate medical records

Our offices are professionally managed with Nationally renowned pediatric clinicians to support your career pathway. Our offices are experiencing tremendous growth from expanded education and referral programs in the communities we serve. We offer a child-friendly environment with dedicated staff for building a culture that promotes positive patient experiences with associate work-life balance. We perform a broad array of services, including pedodontics, orthodontics, laser surgery, conscious sedation, and outpatient care in the markets we serve. Please contact us to learn about our comprehensive training program to build your expertise in our innovative organization.

Contact: Kathryn Ryan
Email: kathrynr@pdsmgmt.com
Website: www.pdsmgmt.com
Phone: 2018039037
Posting Date May 29th, 2024
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