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Job ID: 26718
Location: New York - Western
Position: Dentist
Company: Berardi Dentistry

All dental practices are not alike!  

My name is Dr. Domenico Berardi and I have a busy, growing general dental practice in Williamsville with an excellent, dedicated staff.  Iím looking for a mature, experienced dentist to fill our part-time dental associate position.  If you are a caring professional with developed skills looking to supplement your income, please respond to this ad.  I am looking for a dentist who can step right in for up to 2 days per week.  At Berardi Dentistry, you will be appreciated and work in a comfortable environment.  We have great patients with good dental IQs who will appreciate your talents and skills.  Donít waste your time responding to the ads that say nothing.  Iíd love to have you work here!  

Please send me an email and CV if you are interested.

Contact: Dr. Berardi
Email: drberardi@roadrunner.com
Website: www.berardidentistry.com
Phone: 7166332327
Posting Date May 19th, 2017
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