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Job ID: 26773
Location: New Jersey
Position: DENTIST
Company: HENRY



Position: Dentist

Location: New Jersey

Commitment: Full Time

Compensation: Competitive daily minimum / salary, plus production incentive



HENRY is modernizing oral care, with a state-of-the-art mobile dental clinic available for employees downstairs at corporate offices. Delivering convenience and a high-end brand experience for patients, HENRY is setting a new standard in dentistry.


HENRY works with HR Benefits Managers to offer an in-network benefit to employees, accepting most major dental plans.


With interiors designed by the top architects and designers in New York, and top-of-the-line technology and equipment throughout, HENRY offers patients and our dental team with the ultimate experience.


At HENRY, we believe in investing in our team. With open communication, true investments in culture, active community involvement, and an entrepreneurial attitude where everyone’s voice matters, HENRY is on a mission to build the ultimate experience for our team.


Our first clinic launches in New Jersey in September, 2017.


The Role

Each Dentist on the HENRY team will be part of the overall patient and team experience. Dentists will oversee the clinic, directing Hygienists and Dental Assistants, as well as treating patients.  Each Dentist will be expected to provide the highest level of care to patients, including but not limited to:

-        Creating a high-end, welcoming service environment for patients

-        Supporting a friendly and positive work environment for colleagues

-        Providing and oversee patient treatments including cleaning, xray, exam, filling, crown, night guard, whitening, Invisalign, and other services that might be offered from time to time

-        Recommending patient treatments in the best interest of patient health and oral wellness

-        Inputting patient records into patient management software

-        Maintaining a clean, sterile, and on-brand working facility

-        Building relationships and expanding patient volume for the clinic through referrals and sales support efforts


What we’re looking for

Every member of the HENRY team is vital to its success. We’re looking for an entrepreneurial Dentist, with a positive and flexible attitude, a willingness to build a new practice, strong experience, and a belief in the mission of HENRY.


Contact: How to apply
Let us know why you’d rock at this role! Email a cover letter and CV to careers@HENRYthedentist.com
Email: careers@HENRYthedentist.com
Website: henrythedentist.com
Phone: 551.999.2226
Posting Date Jun 2nd, 2017
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