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Practice for Sale-MICHIGAN-MIERMAMI-Marquette
Job ID: 27980
Location: Michigan
Position: Practice for Sale-MICHIGAN-MIERMAMI-Marquette
Company: Paragon

This sound and solid general dental practice, with nearly 2,500 full fee for service patients, has plenty of room for growth, which makes this gem affordably priced, especially for the area it is located in.  There is good production on a 4 day work week, along with good collections.  There is a knowledgeable and very friendly, long term staff, who are expected to stay on after the practice is sold.  The practice is located in a stand alone dental building, on a major road, which provides easy access, and there is ample free parking.  The practice has 3 operatories of good and current equipment, and the practice utilizes digital radiography, including a digital panorex.  A dental laser is also included in the sale.  The office runs one of the most popular brands of dental practice software.  It is located a stone’s throw from Northern Michigan University and the UPHS Hospital.


You don’t have to put up with the crowded urban areas!  Move UP to Marquette, and enjoy a place where most people would love to live, but can only vacation in.  There are a large number of young professionals moving into the area, and making it their home.  The current owner moved from one of Michigan’s southern cities, and describes it as “the best decision I ever made!”  You will be a respected community member, where your patients will become your friends.  You can raise your family and live in a safe and sane environment, where you get to know your neighbors, and enjoy a superior quality of life.


Please contact Dr. Mark W. Breit, the PARAGON consultant for the U.P. of Michigan, at 906-250-9666 or mbreit@paragon.us.com, to learn much more about this outstanding practice.

Contact: Paragon
Email: info@paragon.us.com
Website: www.paragon.us.com
Phone: 866 898-1867
Posting Date Jan 5th, 2018
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