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Associate Dentist
Job ID: 29006
Location: Missouri
Position: Associate Dentist
Company: Stites Dental Care

DON’T SETTLE FOR CORPORATE DENTISTRY’S FALSE PROMISES!  Exceptional position in PRIVATE PRACTICE for an associate.  Earn income potential of $250,000/yr with future buy-in.  Top quality, ever-growing, 30-yrs of trust, KC / MO area.  Morning/evening shifts.  Change people’s lives through excellence in PRIVATE PRACTICE dentistry.  Contact: Kady, (816) 524-5400

Contact: Kady
Email: kady@stitesdentalcare.com
Phone: (816) 524-4200
Posting Date Jun 28th, 2018
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12/06-07/2018 Cadaver workshop: Implant Surg Tech
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