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Listing #4112 - North Tonawanda, NY
Job ID: 29901
Location: New York - Western
Position: Listing #4112 - North Tonawanda, NY
Company: Hudson Transitions Partners

Listing #4112 - North Tonawanda, NY - General dental practice located in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls suburb of North Tonawanda.  The practice grosses over $480,000 and nets over $220,000 four days per week.  The office has three treatment rooms with digital x-ray and has a very reasonable lease. Please contact Brian Hudson at (716) 908-3143 or brian@hudsontransitions.com for more information.

Email: brian@hudsontransitions.com
Website: http://hudsontransitions.com/
Phone: 716-908-3143
Posting Date Nov 15th, 2018
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