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Established Sleep Apnea Practice for Sale in Portland.
Job ID: 33009
Location: Oregon
Position: Established Sleep Apnea Practice for Sale in Portland.
Company: Omni Practice Group
Description: Established Sleep Apnea Practice for Sale in Portland. Dentist working approximately 12 hours per week and on track to take home around $97,000 in 2020. Growth potential if advertised and marketed and many patients do not have a general dentist. Medical insurance billed, cash office. Please contact megan@omni-pg.com 503.830.5765. (OD140)
Contact: Please contact megan@omni-pg.com 503.830.5765. (OD140)
Email: megan@omni-pg.com
Website: www.omni-pg.com
Phone: 8778666053
Posting Date Jul 6th, 2020
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