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Practice for Sale - Southeastern Oklahoma
Job ID: 33629
Location: Oklahoma
Position: Practice for Sale - Southeastern Oklahoma
Company: PARAGON Dental Practice Transitions
Description: This incredible practice is an outdoorsman or outdoorswomen dream!  Highly profitable general practice opportunity which boasts most recent annual collection figures in excess of $900k+. With 6 ops, (3 doc, 3 hyg), 4000+ active patients, and a 4 day work week this practice has a 50,3% ROI and 43.48% earnings ratio.... this practice is a homerun.  The coming doctor should expect to earn $278K+ before taxes after all debt service is paid.  Building is negotiable. Contact James Avdoyan at 601-540-2284 or email javdoyan@paragon.us.com for more information.
Email: info@paragon.us.com
Website: www.paragon.us.com
Phone: 866.898.1867
Posting Date Dec 2nd, 2020
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