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Full Time Oral Surgeon
Job ID: 34257
Location: New York - Western
Position: Full Time Oral Surgeon
Company: Pure Dental Implants
Description: We are seeking a full time oral surgeon for a new office in the Buffalo area. Experienced OS available on staff to mentor and train on full arch implants including zygomatic, & pterygoid implants. Ownership equity available for the right candidate.  Please email or send a text message if interested. Thanks.
Contact: kvibertdds@puredentalimplants.com
Email: kvibertdds@gmail.com
Website: https://puredentalimplants.com/
Phone: 516-567-9331
Posting Date Mar 26th, 2021
Upcoming Events
04/14/21 (PM) Face Value: Extraoral Tissue Management
04/15/21 Implant Study Club Spring 2021
04/16/21 (ACDE) Radiographs: Benign or Malignant
04/21/21 (PM) Air Purification and Surface Disinfection
04/28/21 (PM) U Veneers: Simplifying Esthetic Solutions
05/05/21 (PM) 4D Perspective - Working Length in Endo
05/07/21 Hygiene Symposium
05/11/21 (ACDE) Restoring Missing Anterior Tooth
05/12/21 (PM) Porcelain Laminate Veneers
05/19/21 (PM) Existing Restorations: Replace, Repair or Refurbish?
05/20-05/21/21 Stress Free Endo Workshop
05/20/21 (ACDE) Cannabis and Oral Health
06/04/2021 Cunat (Ortho) Event: Lets Go Digital!
06/08/21 (ACDE) Incorporating Silver Diamine Fluoride
06/16/21 (ACDE) Managing Medical Emergencies

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