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Practice for Sale-PENNSYLVANIA-PACKSTFI-Northeastern PA
Job ID: 31203
Location: Pennsylvania
Position: Practice for Sale-PENNSYLVANIA-PACKSTFI-Northeastern PA
Company: Paragon

This periodontal practice is an excellent opportunity for a new Perio Program grad or a relocating doctor. It is also a fantastic opportunity for an established local periodontist with an interest in expanding on the services they keep in house, to experience the investment beauty and wisdom of growing your patient base through practice mergers. Why, you ask are mergers so wise and beautiful? Oh, where to begin. The reasons are many. But just for starters, you get to invest in a business you already understand (low risk), and immediately acquire an instant source of over 1,200 active patients and more than 30 new patient referrals per month. You eliminate a competitor and even make that former competitor your ally and an experienced working source of passive income for your practice. The return on investment and the profit margin are generally extremely high compared to a straight practice purchase. The reason is because you eliminate all of the facility related expenses and end up with a tremendous amount of net cashflow. Generally, you recoup the entire investment within two years!


The subject practice a modern facility so the merger could be to your office or the seller's office. As a merger, it would generate over $160,000 of net cashflow in year 1 and if the seller stays on in a part-time capacity, the buyer would enjoy this cashflow while only increasing their own personal production by $150,000. That's right! You produce $150,000 and after paying the debt service on the 100% financed practice acquisition and paying the seller a compensation for part-time production, you make more than you actually had to produce. The seller is willing to continue for a mutally agreed upon length of time to assure the full transfer of good will and patient and referral base. There are many more reasons and advantages for why to complete a practice merger. Contact us today to learn more. This is an excellent opportunity for all local doctors to investigate immediately. This should not be on the market long.

Contact: Paragon
Email: info@paragon.us.com
Website: www.paragon.us.com
Phone: 866 898-1867
Posting Date Jun 11th, 2019
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