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Practice Purchase: Anywhere NY STATE
Job ID: 33641
Location: New York
Position: Practice Purchase: Anywhere NY STATE
Company: Private Purchaser
Description: Seeking outright purchase of successful, high-grossing, reputable, general practice. Solo general dentist with potential interest anywhere in NY State (excluding NY City areas). Very interested in rural practices as well.  I am a private buyer, unaffiliated with any DSO.  Receive 100% money upfront while ensuring that your patients are being cared for ethically, with proper and sound dentistry.  Pre-approved by several banks for over $2mm.  Limiting inquiries to 2019 gross revenue doing at least $1.2mm+. Must demonstrate rebound of at least ~85% pre-COVID production. Prefer very limited implant placement, ortho, and pedo. Limited insurance participation, no HMO and no Medicaid.  Would like to hear about how I may continue the care of your community of patients for many years to come.  
Contact: Tom
Email: doctorwny973@gmail.com
Phone: 716-508-0812
Posting Date Oct 27th, 2020
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